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Flexible endoscopes digitalis


 Digital flexible scopes are the most advanced scopes for the urinary tract. It has many advantages: Being flexible allows the scopes to reach any part of the urinary tract easily. It is the safest of urinary tract due to its flexibility compared to the rigid convectional scopes. Being digital gives it the advantage of very high clarity of the image, zooming in on the lesion and recording the procedure which increases the efficiency and safety. All the previous advantages makes it safer to do procedures even in patients with heart, kidney or liver failure or even in patients with bleeding tendency. 

The following can be treated with the flexible scopes and laser:

1)   1- Stones anywhere in the urinary tract.

2-   2- Tumors of the urinary bladder, ureter or kidney.

3-   3- Strictures of the urethra, ureter or the kidney pelvis