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Benign enlargement of the prostate

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The system has been approved by the FDA and CE mark. This reflects that fact that this system is highly efficient and safe. Additionally, huge amount of scientific publications have shown particularly how effective this last system is compared to other laser systems and to the conventional therapies, further marking its high safety profile.

This disease appears in ages of 50s and onwards in males.  It causes difficulty in urination. In most of the cases it can be treated with medications. When symptoms are severe or when associated with complications, surgical intervention becomes mandatory.

Symptoms of prostatic enlargement:

- Difficulty in urination with weak interrupted stream.
- Increased number of urinations, especially by night.
- In some cases urinary retention can occur.
- In neglected cases, kidney deterioration can occur.

Conventional surgeries for prostatic enlargement:

Two conventional surgeries: the endoscope and open surgery, are commonly referred as for prostate removal. The results of these 2 procedures are somewhat clinically satisfying, yet are reached sometimes at the patient’s expense; such surgeries have a bad reputation for their high complication rates. These include bleeding which may necessitates blood transfusion, urethral strictures, bladder neck stenosis, and what is called TUR syndrome. With this complication, absorption of the fluid used in the endoscope causes brain swelling. This is in addition to the prolonged placement of a catheter …that may reach 10 days in case of open surgery.

Advantages of the Ceralas Laser:

- Can treat prostates in 15-45 minutes, according to the size of the prostate.
- Not associated with any bleeding.
- Not associated with any pain.
- Can be done under regional or local anesthesia.
- Can be done safely in patients with cardiac, liver and renal diseases.
- Can be done in patients with bleeding tendency or taking blood thinning elements.
- Can be done in large size prostates contrary to the green laser where size is a limiting factor.
- Catheters are fixed for few hours to a maximum of one day.
These characteristics made that type of laser very popular worldwide, causing it to replace standard therapy in many countries. Ceralas laser therapy of the prostate is one of the most growing concepts of treatment worldwide. Its growing market is demonstrated by the presence of 250 machines in the United States alone.