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Twister Laser Fiber


Extremely powerful.  Procedure is relatively fast.  (15-45 minutes).

- Very safe. It can be operated on senior patients, cardiac patients, and patients with liver and kidney diseases safely.

- Does not cause any bleeding. For that reason, it can be used in patients with bleeding tendency or on blood thinning drugs, and patients with liver diseases.

- In most cases
The twister laser fiber has been introduced recently in the market to increase the efficiency and safety of the ceralas laser. Laser fibers are optic fibers used to carry the laser beam from the laser system unto the treatment place. The Twister fiber has revolutionized the way the prostate is treated…now exclusively with the ceralas laser. We have shown in scientific publications that these fibers extremely increases the efficiency of the laser in vaporizing the prostate, decreasing the time needed to ablate the prostate, and allowing us to accomplish huger  prostatic sizes. It also increases the safety of the laser as there is no free laser beam that may cause injury to nearby structures.

patient is discharged on the same day or the following morning.