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Arrived the most powerful laser system world wide Ceralase 400 and we are the first hospital recieve the new Ceralase 400 world wide       we are the first hospital recieve the new Ceralase 400 world wide       

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The success of the Ceralas Laser device in the medical process in Germany
Arrived The Most Powerful Laser System
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 Shaker Nephro-Urology Hospital


ShakerHospital  is the first hospital in Egypt that has specialized in urology and nephrology since 1981. It is the only hospital in the Middle East that follows a system of sub specialization in urology and nephrology which provides the highest standard and the latest scientific advances in this area. All professors and consultants working in the hospital   have a doctorate degree in certain subspecialty in urology.



                                  Ceralas Laser 400

This device produces a recently discovered  type of laser that has many features made it superior to other laser devices. 
- Extremely powerful Procedure is relatively fast. (15-45 minutes).
-Very safe. It can be used on senior patients, cardiac patients, and patients with liver and kidney diseases safely.  

-Does not cause any bleeding. For that reason, it can be used in patients with bleeding tendency or on blood thinning drugs, and in patients with liver diseases.
-In most cases , patient is discharged on the same day or the following morning.

                        Laser Stone Disintegration
Stone disintegration by holmium laser is the most efficient and the safest method for stone disintegration anywhere in the urinary tract.  It turns the stone into sand and dust. It is very safe on tissues of the urinary tract. There is no stone size limit.



Digital Flexible scopes
Digital flexible scopes are the most advanced scopes for the urinary tract. It has many advantages: Being flexible allows the scopes to reach any part of the urinary tract easily. It is the safest of urinary tract due to its flexibility compared to the rigid convectional scopes. Being digital gives it the advantage of very high clarity of the image, zooming in on the lesion and recording the procedure which increases the efficiency and safety. All the previous advantages makes it safer to do procedures even in patients with heart, kidney or liver failure or even in patients with bleeding tendency. 
The following can be treated with the flexible scopes and laser:
1)   1- Stones anywhere in the urinary tract.
2-   2- Tumors of the urinary bladder, ureter or kidney.
3-   3- Strictures of the urethra, ureter or the kidney pelvis                       

                         Prof. Dr. Hassan Shaker
Dr. Hassan Shaker  is Professor of Urology in Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. Fellow of McGill University and University of Toronto, Canada. Awarded the Canadian urological association Award 1995. Jack Lapidus Award for best research on voiding dysfunction 1996. Has more than 50 published scientific papers in reputable scientific Journals. Introduced sacral root neuromodulation to the Middle East for treatment of voiding dysfunctions. One of 5 experts world-wide forming "the contact laser urology board" which is the body responsible for standardization and clinical research of Twister laser. Member of the international continence society. Member of Egyptian, European and American urological associations.   

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  400 Laser Alsiralaz

  Flexible endoscopes digitalis

  Holmium laser to fragment stones urinary tract

  Laser Alsiralaz
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